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What things do sellers need before listing their home?





Safety is number #1 when your home is listed. Before you call a realtor,

take a moment to review ways to keep you and your family safe.


You will need to locate the following items:

o   Extra set of keys to the front and back doors

o   Alarm code to be placed in lockbox

o   Consider how to secure pets during showings

o   Copy of survey or plat

o   Copy of your security or warranty deed, title policy, etc

o   Most recent tax bill

o   Mortgage paperwork with lender name, address, phone number

and balance

o   If there is more than one loan, provide same information as above

o   If home is held in a trust, provide name of trustee,

trust account number and contact information


If you live in a condominium or townhome


o   Copy of Covenants, Association Declaration or  By-laws

o   Name, phone, address and email address of HOA

o   Management company name, address, phone and email

o   Balance of HOA budget










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